Extended Warranties

Very few people would buy a product which did not have a warranty – but many take the risk to continue without cover after the Manufacturers’ promise has expired!

Many consumers think that they will ‘chance it’ after the original Manufacturers’ warranty has expired – some will call the Manufacturers’ helpline as it is their only point of help, while others go back to the original Retailer looking for help. Essentially these customers are on their own, but they needn’t be.

The reality is that any appliance can break down at any time during its life, and is more likely to do so as it ages and after constant use.



Getting qualified and accredited engineers with the appropriate part is key to maximising use from the appliance for as long as the consumer wishes to keep it.

This can be achieved if the consumer purchases an ‘Extended Warranty’ from Warranty Solutions at the time of purchase or very soon after.



People who take out extended warranties are people who do not like sudden nasty bills, or the inconvenience of finding engineers and relevant parts – instead they prefer to budget their costs by paying a premium, either monthly or as a single premium.