Promotional Warranties

It is clear that Warranties help to sell the product to which they relate!

No Consumer would wish to buy any product that didn’t come with a warranty.

Typically, warranties given by Manufacturers are for one year or two years.

The Consumer knows that however well made a product is, it may require some adjustment or attention during its lifetime.



The longer and more comprehensive the warranty, the greater peace of mind that the Consumer has in respect of obtaining qualified and accredited engineers with the correct parts in the shortest possible time to ensure continued use of their appliance.

It is no surprise therefore that many Manufacturers and Retailers decide to use Promotional Warranties as a way of marketing their products and appliances.


More profitable sales

Helping to sell more appliances with more profitability is, of course, vital to our Partners, and the way in which their customer is treated after the appliance is in their home has a direct impact upon overall customer satisfaction. High perceived value in after-sale service can help retain margins that otherwise might have to be given away. Coverage of warranty and reputation of service has a direct contributory impact on sales.


Better Customer proposition

However, knowing how their customers are looked after once they have the appliance in their home ensures brand management leading to repeat purchases – it’s no wonder that Promotional Warranties are a must-have part of the istributors and Retailers proposition.


Controlled costs

Pound for pound the cost of a warranty to the Retailer is far less than the perceived value to the Consumer, and so by increasing the term or the coverage the Retailer can enhance their proposition to the end Consumer at an economic cost, with little impact on their margins. At the same time it will enhance the value of the product to their customers- it is a ‘win win’ for all involved.